A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that they would consider installing solar panels on their homes.

Here are some comments:

“It depends on the cost. Our PG&E bill is only $56. How long would it take to pay for it’s self? Probably not for us.”

“We did it long ago and it’s paid off consistently. Adding them isn’t a pure expense, it adds value to a house. Who doesn’t like free electricity?”

“I have had solar for about 10 years and love it. I would have more if I had the room.”

“Not cost effective, maintenance is very expensive and most equipment is of inferior quality.”

“The cost and hazardous material disposal consideration. The cost to purchase install and maintain is ridiculous for this day and age. People complain their electric bill is so high, what is the cost of maintenance and roofing and longevity of those solar panels and what about haz-mat and the disposal of the old solar panels that don’t work anymore? People on a fixed income cannot afford to do their part and install solar panels.”

“Our roof is about 20 years old and will surely need replacing within five years or so. At that time it may make better sense to install solar if the economics work.”

“Why? It’s a huge investment for a small return. I did the math and would not see an ROI for 23 years.”

“I’d do it if it were cheaper. The idea of spending $15,000 to save a little bit on the PG&E bill is pure rubbish. Also, I don’t believe that we are getting a fair shake.”

“Anything to cut out PG&E.”