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If an environmental report is approved in March, the park could be open by May, officials said.
Money to complete the Highway 101 project through Petaluma could come this year, but ballot measures still loom.
The Petaluma-based Farallon Institute will present the State of the Ocean, a talk about the health of the world’s seas.
Healthcare officials are ready to reject the latest proposal to manage Petaluma Valley Hospital.
A Petaluma therapist is developing the game in hopes of sparking a conversation.
Recology is taking over the franchise agreement from the Ratto Group after its sale is completed.
Wildfires, local reaction to national politics were the biggest stories of the year.
Several doctors say St. Joseph neglects Petaluma Valley hospital. The company says it has fully invested in Petaluma.
Employees of the Petaluma Animal Shelter allege that management harasses and retaliates, and Petaluma police investigated the Animal Services Foundation’s finances.
Nurses at Petaluma Valley Hospital vote to break with California Nurses Association.
‘Sonoma Strong’ painting at Steamer Landing promotes cohesion in wake of wildfires.
A 600-acre ranch near Tomales is spared from future development.
Holidays on the Farm Trail provides a look at local agriculture and holiday activities.
Two students and their teacher will go to Ecuador to spread solar power.
Janis Couvreux’s new book is about a decade raising children while at sea.
The city will replace its streetlights with energy-efficient LED bulbs, and press Congress on climate action.
The Two-term supervisor and Petaluma resident said he will run for re-election in 2018.
The regional water board said it will refuse a permit for an asphalt plant along the Petaluma River until other locations are studied.
The Petaluma homeless service nonprofit took in 10 newly displaced people at its Mary Isaak Center.
Businesses near the Petaluma SMART station say street parking has been impacted since the train started running.
The city council said the bill would set a precedent for unwanted development near Petaluma.
Voters in the Wilmar Union School District Tuesday turned down a $65 parcel tax measure that would have raised $70,000 for programs at Wilson School.
Geologists have confirmed that a long-dormant fault running right under modern day Petaluma was responsible for creating the Petaluma Valley.
As county burned, local residents worried that they would be the next to flee.
Organizations that rely on donations face outreach challenges.

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