CENTERPIECE: Petaluma in Pictures

Stan Angel is a Petaluma-based landscape photographer who often rises before dawn to capture the unique, constantly changing faces of Petaluma at Dawn. This photo, taken in November, is a depiction of what Angel calls ìthe conditions that transpire as the sun rises, melting frost and burning off the fog layer. The play of light is incredible.î Inclement weather and stormy conditions are Angelís favorites. ìBut,î he says, ìour Sonoma County Tule fog, which resides in the valley from Petaluma to Bodega Bay, has always captured my heart and imagination. The morning I captured this image was no different. It was a breathless moment of awe. I love this place we call home.î


Petaluma is an extremely photogenic town.

Whether viewed at sunset, sunrise, in the cool rain, or on a clear, warm day, this town – and its surrounding hills, trails, roads and waterways are undeniably attractive and appealing - and photographers know it better than most. Some use actual cameras. Other always have their smartphones at the ready should something extraordinary suddenly appear.

To celebrate the closing of 2017, we’re celebrating the “photographability” of Petaluma by showcasing a number of shots taken by local photographers. In most cases, these pictures first appeared on the Facebook page “I Love Petaluma!” created by Pepper Head. Where possible, we’ve tracked these camera-wielding Petalumans down to find out exactly how they came to take the shot (or shots), and anything else interesting about the picture.

We invite you to savor these images, and through them appreciate, once again, the visual beauty of Petaluma, as seen from the trails, the water, and the sidewalks.