KPCA announces Oscar-themed fundraiser: Appropriately titled “The Envelope, Please,” a gala benefit, planned for March 4 to coincide with Academy Award night, is being planned to raise money and attention for Petaluma’s KPCA radio station. It will be the third annual Oscar event for the station, created and supported through a large, community-based effort. Now up-and-running, with a shimmering new studio, the station is already broadcasting an eclectic array of programming, and is available for community use and development. Details of the March 4 event will be released shortly, via radio, no doubt. Listen at 103.3 FM, or by live streaming online at

Trendy Las Vegas beef eatery touts rib eye from past-their-prime Petaluma dairy cows: “In the European tradition,” boasts the menu listing for “Vaca Vieja” rib eye steaks at Las Vegas’ popular and pricy Bazaar Meat restaurant, “a more mature animal with more pronounced flavor, hand-selected eight-year-old working cows from Petaluma, CA.” A reader sent in the above snap shot of the Bazzar Meat menu, in which Petaluma is prominently named for the flavorful quality of its retired cows. Much the way wines from Sonoma are proudly labeled as such all over the country, it seems that old cows from Petaluma are now similarly esteemed.

In Vegas, Bazaar Meats — inside the SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, and created by celebrity chef José Andres — charges top dollar for an array of gourmet, carnivore-attracting dishes, including the Basque specialty Vaca Vieja, literally “old cow” in Spanish The beef is procured from Petaluma’s Mindful Meats, raising organic, non-GMO, pasture raised beef.

North Hollywood’s Tatang restaurant also name-drops Petaluma: Following in the foot-steps of Bazaar Meat (above item), Southern California’s Tatang Restaurant — the latest in a wave of what’s being called “the new Filipino food movement” — specifically names Petaluma as the origin of the main ingredient in its Petaluma Chicken Lumpia. One can only assume its chicken comes from Petaluma Poultry, since another dish, called Sisig, is described on the menu as featuring Rocky free-range chicken, served with red onion and spicy vinegar, a poached egg, and clipped chives.

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