Petaluma Craft Guild’s Meet Your Maker

The "Meet your Maker" podcast and panel at "Meet your Maker" the Petaluma Craft Guild's fundraiser for Petaluma Animal Services Foundation that features Petaluma's makers of beers, wines, spirits, and cuisine at The Mystic Theater on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Makers are left to right, Joey Johnson (101 North Brewing), Jill Olsen (Sonoma Coast Spirits), Bill Reading (Sonoma Portworks), Brendan Moylan (Stillwater Spirits), Mike Griffo (Griffo Distilling), Noah Bolmer (Bottom of the Bottle Podcast, Host), John Lilienthal (101 North Brewing), JJ Jay (Petaluma Hills Brewing), Peter Burrell (Dempsey's Restaurant & Brewery), Jake Johnson (101 North Brewing), Scott Goyne (HenHouse Brewing). (Victoria Webb/For The Argus-Courier)


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