Famed Little League coach faces domestic violence charges

Petaluma Little League coach Trevor Tomei looks back at Petaluma fans between innings against Hawaii the Little League Baseball Western Regional Tournament championship game at Al Houghton Stadium in San Bernardino, Calif. on Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012. Petaluma defeated Hawaii 7-6, and went undefeated in throughout the entire Western Regional tournament. (Rachel Luna / Correspondent)


A legendary Petaluma coach — one of three who led Petaluma National Little League to the World Series two years ago — is under investigation for a series of alleged domestic violence crimes including stalking, violating a court order and willful cruelty to a child, police announced Wednesday.

Trevor Tomei, 47, remains in Sonoma County Jail this week on $500,000 bail after being arrested for a third time since September, according to Lt. Dan Fish of the Petaluma Police Department.

Police outlined an alleged pattern of abuse, stating that Tomei was first arrested Sept. 4 for violating a preexisting domestic violence restraining order and was released on $10,000 bail.

He pleaded not guilty in that incident, but before a trial could be held he was arrested again on Sept. 29, after “the Petaluma Police Department again investigated Tomei for new violation of the same domestic violence restraining order,” police said.

Tomei again made bail. But as Detective Tamara Shoemaker investigated the case, police said, she learned that between Oct. 2 and Oct. 7 “Tomei was continuing to violate the preexisting domestic violence restraining order even after being arrested twice by the Petaluma Police Department and being out on bail for his previous offenses.”

This time Tomei was booked into Sonoma County Jail with bail set at $500,000 by Judge Louise Bayles-Fightmaster. The unusually high bail was “based on a likelihood that the offenses would continue if Tomei were released from custody,” police said.

Even so, Tomei again violated a “no contact” court order from jail when he allegedly called a victim from a jailhouse phone, police said.

“The no contact order is a common thing given at the arraignment,” Fish explained, adding, “It appears that he violated that while he was in custody.”

Tomei was denied a reduction in bail during a court hearing Tuesday. He remains in custody on charges of willful cruelty to a child, stalking and stalking with prior court order.

Few further details were released, although Fish did note that “There is more than one victim” in the case. He would not elaborate due to the victims’ right to confidentiality. The exact nature of the alleged abuses has not been released by authorities.

Fish said the case is now in the hands of the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office. Chief Deputy DA Bill Brockley, of the office’s Domestic Violence Unit, said Tomei could enter a plea at a hearing set for Friday morning. He said a preliminary hearing was likely to be set at that time.

Tomei’s request for a bail reduction probably “remained set based on the number of violations he had in his domestic violence restraining order,” Brockley said.

Brockley said Tomei has retained a lawyer, Santa Rosa-based criminal defense attorney Evan Zelig. Zelig did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Tomei, known for his outgoing personality, was one of three men leading the 2012 Petaluma National Major League All Star team to national acclaim that year, eventually reaching the Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport, Penn. The team finished second among U.S. teams and third overall — and obtained celebrity status back home in Petaluma.

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