Fire calls

The Petaluma Fire Department recorded 133 calls during the week of Jan. 16 -Jan. 22.

Wednesday, Jan. 18

8:18 p.m.: A hit and run driver reportedly struck a fire hydrant near 1333 McGregor Ave., causing water to spew into the street. Petaluma firefighters worked with crews from the water department to shut off water valves while Petaluma police assisted with traffic control. Police logged an accident report and water department personnel remained on scene after firefighters left to handle to incident.

Thursday, Jan. 19

2:52 a.m.: Occupants of a 105 Miller Court home experienced a rude awakening after a cat allegedly knocked over a candle that caused an ottoman to catch fire while a resident slept on the couch. The resident awoke to find flames coming from the ottoman, which he picked up and carried out of the home. The three occupants of the home were already outside when firefighters arrived to clear the smoke and put out smoldering embers on another piece of furniture. Burns and charring were observed on the living room floor and the couch, and fire crews found remnants of a candle in the area. Heat damage was observed in other areas of the home and damage was estimated at $15,000. One resident suffered from smoke inhalation as well as minor burns and cuts.