Dick and Lucille Sharke are out doing their thing this week in preparation for Red Ribbon Week, Petaluma schools’ annual celebration of a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.

The Sharkes are attempting to visit every elementary school in the Petaluma area this month, bringing home the Red Ribbon week message and distributing stickers, coloring books and other gifts to eager youngsters.

It all leads up to more than a week of Red Ribbon Week celebration beginning Oct. 22 and continuing to the end of the month.

The Red Ribbon campaign began in honor of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, who was killed while working undercover in Mexico. Parents and youth across the U.S. began wearing red ribbons in honor of his sacrifice, and in an effort to raise awareness of the destruction caused by drugs.

The Sharkes and the McDowell Drug Task Force have kept the tradition alive in Petaluma.

This year’s theme is “Your future is key, so stay drug free.”

The event officially begins on Oct. 23, but in actuality starts Friday, Oct. 20 when schools decorate their campus with Red Ribbons.

Oct. 23 is Sports Day and Celebrate Petaluma Day.

Following in rapid, but fun, order are Lock Your Meds Day on Oct. 24, Wear Red Day on Oct. 25, Decoration Days on Oct. 26, Hugs Not Drugs Day and No Bullying Day on Oct. 27 and Say Boo to Drugs Weekend on Oct. 28-29.

The event has become so popular that two days have been added, Hero Day on Oct. 30 and Make a Pledge (to lead a drug-free lifestyle) on Oct. 31.