There have been 14 deaths in Sonoma County linked to the Tubbs fire, raising the overall North Coast death toll to 24.

Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano Thursday morning said investigators haven’t been able to identify everyone as some of the remains were just “ash and bones.”

Thirty detectives, 10 sheriff’s volunteers for search and rescue and additional help for outside agencies have been thrown in the search and recovery operations for victims. Those efforts began Wednesday and expanded into burned areas of Sonoma County on Thursday. Some areas remain too dangerous to search, the sheriff said.

For some identifications, serial numbers on metal surgical parts found in the remains were used, Giordano said.

The sheriff didn’t release where the deaths had occurred and hasn’t released names.

The number of missing now is at 463. That figured included some duplicate reports and attempts are underway to weed those out as well as to locate people. The Sheriff’s Office has gotten 900 reports of missing people. About half have turned up or been located.

Currently, 436 National Guard troops are in Sonoma County, with more reported to be en route.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested two more people Wednesday night on suspicion of looting, bringing the countywide to at least 7.