Petaluma police arrest stalking suspect

Kimberly Ann Clark (Sonoma County Sheriff's Office)


A Camp Meeker stalking suspect who instilled sufficient fear in a Petaluma resident that the person became afraid to leave home and quit work was arrested Saturday and held on $2 million bail, police said.

Kimberly Ann Clark, 50, had been harassing the person for months, making death threats, and was the subject of a restraining order, Sgt. Lance Novello said.

She was arrested in Sebastopol without incident, he said.

Clark became known to Petaluma police over the past month by repeatedly calling to report ‚Äúconspiratorial type incidents‚ÄĚ involving other Sonoma County law enforcement agencies, Novello said.

A check revealed she had been making similar calls to other agencies and was under investigation, he said.

Allegations suggest she may have other potential victims around the county. Anyone who believes they have been threatened by Clark is asked to notify police in their area.

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