The Tomales High School class of 2018 has collectively been awarded more than $430,000 in scholarships and grants.

More than $324,500 is the result of financial awards offered by local community members and partners who provide annual scholarships to Tomales High School students. The remaining $105,500 was funding from Cal Grants, Federal Aid and university grants.

Of the 29 students in the class of 2018, 72 percent have successfully completed the course work required to be eligible for consideration for admission to a four-year university.

Fifty-five percent of the graduating class will be attending a four-year university next year; 7 percent will be entering the Coast Guard; and the other 38 percent will be attending a community college or trade school.

Tomales graduates have been admitted to Channel Islands State, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Monterey Bay State, Sacramento State, San Jose State, Stanislaus State, Sonoma State, UC Davis, Mills College, St. Mary’s College and Oklahoma State University.