Petaluma Educational Foundation administers the annual PEF Impact Grant Program to enable teachers, schools and districts to bring innovative and effective instructional ideas to reality despite ongoing economic challenges.

Grants totaling $3,382,665 have been awarded to Petaluma area schools since 1983. PEF grants support quality instruction, student access and impact, and innovation aligned with a school or district’s overall goals.

The PEF Impact Grants award up to $15,000 per grant for curriculum projects with a significant emphasis on programs of extraordinary scope, impact or longevity. The PEF Impact Grant award spans a one-year period. All completed PEF Impact Grant Applications are due by Monday, Oct. 1.

Eligibility for PEF Impact Grants include individual teachers, groups of teachers, classified personnel and principals in K-12 public, charter and not-for-profit private schools in the Petaluma area. All grant applications must be collaboratively developed, approved and signed by the site principal or lead administrator.

Focus areas for funding are in math and science, literacy/English language learners, fine arts, health and nutrition, and vocational education/life skills.

The PEF T.E.C. Initiative, in its eighth year, strives to encourage the use of these grants to directly impact instruction as appropriate in individual classroom settings. Last school year, PEF awarded $238,471 — the highest single total since the program was first launched — in PEF Impact Grants through 24 individual programs. Today PEF is celebrating a total of $6,739,900 in funding for schools and students through the annual PEF Impact Grant and PEF Scholarship programs.

For more details on the PEF Impact Grant application and process, contact PEF Program Director Katy Verke at 78-5063; visit www.pefinfo.comfor or contact PEF Executive Director Maureen Highland at or 778-4632.