Respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said Paladin Healthcare should be approved as the next operator of Petaluma Valley Hospital. Paladin was selected by the Petaluma Health Care District to run the hospital, a choice that must be ratified by voters in June.

Here are some comments:

“Based on preliminary information, Paladin Healthcare seems to be a good fit. I will be interested in learning more at the community forums.”

“From what I have heard, Paladin is a great choice. In fact, the only choice. Not identifying an operator would be devastating to Petaluma.”

“Good riddance to St. Joseph and their forcing Catholic doctrine down everyone’s throats.”

“In very challenging times, I have to put my trust in the health care district who wants what’s best for PVH and has to make the best decisions for Petaluma Valley Hospital to continue to serve its community.”

“The fact that they have substantial capital makes them secure. The fact that they will honor current contracts when they take over will offer stability to staffing.”

“The health care district has done a lot of due diligence on finding the best new operator and Paladin looks like a promising partner to serve the needs of our community.”

“The hospital needs to be remodeled. I think Paladin could do that. Also, better ER times will be a plus.”

“I strongly agree with the choice to have Paladin Healthcare as the next operator of PVH.”

“They are profit-seeking and do not have the interest of the community foremost in mind.”