A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that they do not agree with President Trump’s position that tansgender people should not serve in the military.

Here are some comments:

“I actually have no problem with transgender and gays serving in the military. But their right to a sex-change as part of their medical benefits, introduced by Obama, needs to be eliminated first. Our tax dollars that support the medical expenses of our military, should only go to those that have served and suffered the horrible physical and emotional consequences of war.”

“My understanding is that transgender people are already serving without incident and with honor. Perhaps the focus should be on preventing sexual assault of military personnel by military personnel. That seems to be a more troubling issue.”

“Statistics show there is a high incident of suicide amongst transgender people which indicates mental health problems amongst this group. We don’t need a military with a disproportionate number of people with mental health issues. Our armed forces need to be ready at a moments notice to protect us all, so this is not a civil rights issue, but rather a military at full readiness issue.”

“This was another crazy Trump tweet. There was no consultation beforehand with the Pentagon and there still is no coherent policy of implementation.”

“We should not betray those that offer to serve and protect.”

“Why can’t we move on from these issues which are seemingly settled and then challenged for no good reason. Trump cites false statistics with nary a counsel with his military leadership, just another stab at punishing the American people.”

“ I don’t believe they can handle the stress that comes with serving, along with presenting a larger target to our enemies who hate our ways of living. I also do not want my tax dollars supporting any operations of someone who is searching for gender reassignment surgery.”

“To ban trans people outright from service is the usual mean-spirited homophobic BS we’ve been seeing out of this completely jacked-up administration.”

“No way should they served in the military unless they serve as the gender they were born as, period.”

“There is the possibility of causing friction among peers.”