Respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll had mixed reactions to President Donald Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, or DACA program.

Here are some comments:

“Count me in as a supporter to end DACA. Sorry, but I’m one of the silent majority in the US that agree with this.”

“Absolutely agree with straightening out this Obama mess. This executive order was never constitutional nor a legal law. The Executive branch cannot make laws such as this one that Obama created.”

“He is not ending the program but has referred to Congress to make laws. He has said no action will be taken until Congress acts.”

“It’s a heartless decision which will hurt people who did nothing wrong. But we can hope it will lead to something positive — action by Congress to permanently codify the program.”

“I agree that something needed to be done to reach a legitimate permanent fix but this was not the best way to do it. First step would be an in-depth screening to eliminate any problematic individuals.”

“This decision is cruel and lacking in any logic. Here are innocents striving to contribute and along comes the big, bad wolf to destroy hopes and dreams to the detriment of our society.”

“If you’re here illegally no matter how you got here, you’re breaking the law, especially for those waiting in line to become citizens legally.”

“ It’s time we put our focus and our funding back into the American people. If and when the illegal immigrants affected by the end of DACA become legal citizens, then we can discuss helping them out.”

“Obama exceeded his executive powers. Now congress can decide.”