A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said Adobe Creek Golf Course should be reopened as a golf course.

Here are some comments:

“All options should be used: Downsizing to a nine-hole course, reworking some of the land into a park, and opening up the rest to further development would be the best course forward.”

“Keep it tended as open space. Golf courses are a terrible waste of precious water resources and fertilizer pollutant runoff. Whatever they decide to do with the land please don’t plant grapes. I’m so sick of grapes everywhere, especially the ones newly planted across Frates Road.”

“I am assuming that, at some point, homes will be built. As far as I know, Petaluma has no senior housing developments. Apartments, yes, but no houses. I have a four-bedroom just right for a family, but no place for me to go. How about a green belt, with bike trails etc. and single-story senior houses, maybe some duplexes.”

“Let it go to waste. That neighborhood should be redone.”

“The city or county should take this venue over and have a legitimate golf management company run it. That method seems to be working great in other towns and cities, Rohnert Park for example. I can’t understand why it wouldn’t work here.”

“Either allow more homes or plant a vineyard such as the one across the street. I’m sure the current homeowners would rather have a vineyard then new construction though.”

“We counted on Adobe Creek remaining a golf course when we purchased our home here. Now the grounds surrounding our homes are a rat and weed infested mess.”

“We have a housing shortage. Build some condos.”

“Create a senior living village.”