Poll respondents against raising bridge tolls


A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they would not vote for an increase in Bay Area bridge tolls, even if the revenue went toward funding transportation projects like the widening of Highway 101.

Here are some comments:

“Bridge tolls have become a crutch to administrators who lack imagination. What about dynamic pricing for carpool lanes during hours that carpooling is not in effect but the toll plaza is jammed packed? It’s another way of increasing revenue without affecting those who could least afford the toll increase.”

“The cost of living is too high. This is another means for liberals to grab onto our money and spend it on projects that has nothing to do with making it easier to drive on our roadways. Shame on them.”

“Didn’t we just raise these for the same reason? And if we do, just how much of that additional funding is prioritized to ease the bottleneck right above Novato during commute hours? Alternatively, why not make Highway 37 a toll road right now. All that traffic merging into the 101 southbound traffic creates the worst traffic in the mornings.”

“It’s getting harder and harder to rationalize the benefits of living in California. We have the highest income tax in the U.S., ridiculous rental market and the highest gas prices in the nation.”

“The days of federal funding are gone to a large degree so if we want our roads fixed we’ll have to pay for it ourselves. No way around it. My friends who whine about taxes and in the same breath complain about our roads get no sympathy from me.”

“Tolls are too high now. More money would be wasted. There will never be enough money to do all the road work needed. We are always behind.”

“The gas tax needs to be overhauled and then the money distributed fairly. Most of that money goes to Southern California now. And some way needs to be developed to make electric and hybrid cars pay their fair share for road costs, which they currently do not.”

“There are no controls and Marin will block the money flow heading north.”

“We’re already practically stuck here with the tolls and taxes.”