Poll: Respect for flag trumps freedom of speech


A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that NFL players should be required to stand for the National Anthem before games.

Here are some comments:

“If they don’t, maybe they should go to war to defend the country and see if their attitudes change.”

“Citizens have fought and died for, among other things, our right not to stand during the national anthem. It is the height of patriotism to make a statement you believe in, and feel it is important to make, in the presence of our flag or while having your eardrums assaulted by that awful tune we call our National Anthem.”

“Disrespecting the National Anthem is far from a good or an effective way to protest law enforcement officers being protected from being judged by a jury or to protest the president.”

“It’s not about the anthem or the flag. It’s about racial injustice and police brutality. People that believe otherwise shouldn’t be allowed to vote as they are too easily swayed and do none of their own research.”

“It’s all about honoring our flag, our country, our military men and women both past and present, and all that America stands for. This has nothing to do with race. These football players and their coaches make exorbitant salaries because they live in America. They should be thankful, not disrespectful.”

“This isn’t complicated – the anthem means nothing if Americans are coerced into standing for it.”

“It is a long standing custom for respect of this country. The sports field is no place to show protest of any form. I do not feel it is an appropriate gesture by these players to act in this manner. Protest off the field, if you must.”

“They shouldn’t be forced to stand, and neither should anyone else.”

“It’s a football game, not a political rally.”