Poll: Scrapping Clean Power Plan bad decision


A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll did not agree with the Trump administration’s decision to reverse the Clean Power Plan. The Obama-era plan moved the U.S. away from coal-fired power production and emphasized renewable energy.

Here are some comments:

“Clearly we have a climate problem due to coal, drilling etc. that President Trump is trying to bring back. His plan is to help his corporate buddies and not the environment.”

“Coal is a dying industry. Better to spend some money retraining coal miners for clean energy jobs.”

“Flawed as it is, amending the plan would be more useful than repealing it.”

“Help, we need our EPA. We need to protect our wildlife. We need to protect women’s rights. We need clean air and water to live. This must be stopped. We need to put someone in the White House who is responsible.”

“People who disagree are only doing so because it’s a Trump plan.”

“Sadly this is a huge step backwards. We should be leading the world in clean power, instead we look like fools.”

“This is taking America backwards. We need to think of the future. Clean energy is a no-brainer.”

“We agree with the Trump administration’s decision to reverse the Clean Power Plan and open up the coal industry. The United States needs to become energy independent and stop sending our dollars overseas to countries that support terrorism and manipulate energy prices. Opening up the coal industry preserves jobs and benefits our economy. The technology exists to reduce emissions from coal-fired plants.”

“We have had apocalyptic fires and storms, yet Trump wants to pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?”