Poll respondents not prepared for wildfires


A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they were not prepared for a wildfire.

Here are some comments:

“Over the next few weeks we’ll be buying a generator and many emergency supplies as well as preparing a list of items to grab quickly and an easily accessible bag to shove them in. It’s a wake up call.”

“I am somewhat prepared but there must be more that needs to be done. We can be ready to evacuate quickly but how do we ever save family mementos unless we keep them packed and ready to go permanently?”

“I rely on the government for everything. So if they are prepared, that naturally means I am prepared. If not, they would tell me so.”

“Not 100 percent. I don’t feel anyone is prepared fully for such devastation. Mother Nature is very powerful. All involved in putting out these terrible fires should be highly commended.”

“Not yet. Making lists, gathering info about our utilities. In general, preparing. Urging our neighbors to take responsibility to help clean our street gutters and control dead leaves mounting along the back alleys. Surveying structures in the neighborhood which may be fire hazards, as well as diseased trees and shrubs. Everyone needs to pitch in and not depend on city and utility services which are always overwhelmed.”

“I’m not prepared at all, but I will be after this disaster. It shows how it can happen anywhere.”

“I’m glad Petaluma was spared, but we could be hit the next time. Those poor people in Santa Rosa who had to flee had very little warning and almost no time to get prepared.”