Poll: No cannabis industries in Petaluma


A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that Petaluma should not allow businesses that manufacture products using cannabis to operate within the city.

Here are some comments:

“There would be little or no benefits to this type of business vs. all the problems it would cause. Yes, it could be a ‘cottage’ industry living next door to you. The city of Petaluma still needs to educate the public on laws governing various cannabis uses and steps the police can take to protect individuals and non-cannabis businesses.”

“It’s a drug. It’s dangerous when you drive under the influence. It’s accessible to children and animals. And it’s growth is bad for water capacity and integrity of the environment.”

“It brings unwanted people and crime to our city.”

“I think that would be a horrible decision. It would take away Petaluma’s charm. It does nothing for those who are allergic to all things cannabis, but keep us from shopping in town. It will also bring more crime. Don’t we have enough?”

“Just what we need, more problems. Thanks again Gavin Newsom.”

“Marijuana is still illegal under federal law. When AG Sessions comes after California, businesses such as this will be shut down. Besides, no marijuana has been grown under the laws spelled out in Prop. 64, so everything out there is black market and of questionable safety.”

“Why not? More than likely they will be driven out of business due to high taxation anyway so may as well leach them dry.”

“There’s enough crime without endorsing it further.”