Poll: No new fees for storm water upgrades


A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said ratepayers should not be charged a fee to pay for costly state-mandated upgrades to the city’s storm water system.

Here are some comments:

“Fees and Tax increases just never stop. Figure out another way if it really needs to be done. People are tapped out living in Petaluma.”

“Infrastructure should be funded by taxes that apply to all citizens, not just ratepayers.”

“My water bill is already my most expensive utility bill every month, and I am on the lowest tier with minimal usage. No I don’t want another fee.”

“Protecting waterways is appropriate. The storm water rules, although onerous, seem generally reasonable. The costs can’t be accommodated within the current revenues, which are already deficient as evidenced by the under-maintained infrastructure and looming budget deficits. Therefore, a storm water fee is the only reasonable option.”

“The service provider should do that as part of their service, much like I am forced to do with my business.”

“Water supply and sewer is a fundamental service of local government. I’m opposed to most new tax proposals, but I think this is a justified fee-for-service.”

“This is what’s happening because this town has become too big for what it was designed for.”

“The street sweeping could be more productive if boats and motor homes were not allowed to be parked on the streets. Also, garbage containers should be located at all city bus stops.”