A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they do not support the Republican tax reform bill.

Here are some comments:

“Everyone hating it is either just anti-Trump or hasn’t studied the entire tax plan and has just read too many stupid Facebook posts on the issue. Almost everyone in Petaluma will see a tax decrease even with the proposed changes. No, the sky isn’t falling people.”

“It’s a huge advantage for corporations and the rich. The middle class gets hammered. And a trillion or more in national debt. I would hate to be young in this day and age.”

“Increasing the deficit when the economy is strong is not good economic policy.”

“It’s clear that the least able in our society will be paying for the huge tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest in our society. That’s just senseless and brutal. Plus, it will add a huge sum to the deficit, something our sons and daughters will have to deal with in the near future.”

“The GOP should have allowed time enough for the public to weigh in on this major issue. This has been rushed through in a reckless manor. Even representatives in Congress have admitted there hasn’t been enough time to read all of the information this bill contains.”

“The lower and middle classes are screwed, and the rich get richer.”

“Poorly conceived, hastily, even negligently, executed, and based on an economic theory that has been roundly and repeatedly debunked. What is there to support?”

“It will help the economy.”

“Who would support that thing?”