A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said the city of Petaluma should allow apartments to be built at the Deer Creek shopping center.

Here are some comments:

“At the time this shopping center was being planned, a more viable option that included a health care facility was proposed. Merlone-Geier, the center’s developer, soundly dismissed that option. They stated that they had enough tenants lined up. Now they find themselves unable to find tenants to fill their spaces and they want a bail-out. How ironic. Adding apartments to this site will create more traffic than the center’s EIR took into consideration.”

“City council, wake up. There is a desperate need for housing.”

“At this point what does it matter if another project is built? The city’s focus appears to be about the revenue it collects in fees and property tax and not about sustainability.”

“If the landowner has decided that residential is the highest and best use for property, then the city should be facilitating that direction, especially in the midst of the on-going housing crisis.”

“If they contribute to the Rannier crosstown connector as mitigation, that would be a plus for the city.”

“The fact of the matter is that Boomers aren’t moving and their Millennial children are all of house-hold formation age. So where are we expected to live?”

“Seems a good location for housing that is convenient for nearby services. Just not more low income housing, we need to provide for the middle class too.”

“We have enough lackluster homes in this community.”

“As long as it’s affordable, doesn’t impact traffic and has parking.”