Poll respondents against more local housing


A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that Petaluma has approved too much housing for the city.

Here are some comments:

“The number of new developments and hotels slated to be built in the next six months to two years is ludicrous and not rational. Our police force is woefully understaffed; our fire stations are old and only staff 14 people per day; and our streets are crumbled.”

“It’s a little hard to understand why they want to bring more people here when there isn’t enough water for the people that are already here.”

“I think the cost of housing is the real issue. Too high for the low wages most people earn in this area. Real estate pricing is for the wealthy only.”

“New housing demands better planning for our traffic needs. We seem to have one without the other. The increase in housing on the east side has not been offset by freeway access or addressing the bottlenecks crossing the freeway or river. To move forward with Rainier would help to reduce some congestion. But it’s clear we need additional freeway exits.”

“Petaluma needs to approve more housing for low income families. The fund that developers have to pay in to is a joke. Minimum wage workers are forced to live several families in one home or apartment. Children sleep on floors or in garages. It is shameful.”

“Petaluma needs to take its time to plan the right kind of housing for Petaluma. Right now developers submit their plans, and the public and officials must react to those plans or live with the consequences. Why doesn’t Petaluma plan for the kind of housing that is right for Petaluma and existing residents?”

“There is already too much housing.” The roads are still bad, and with increased housing, it will be worse.”

“We need another cross town connection and improved roads/intersections before we can add to what we already have.”