Poll: Fix downtown trestle for pedestrian use


A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that Petaluma should repair the downtown train trestle for use as a pedestrian promenade.

Here are some comments:

“Allow residents and tourists to experience our beautiful city as it was meant to be. Encourage less four-wheeled traffic and more pedestrian gathering areas.”

“A pedestrian promenade would add a strong element of connecting the heart of Petaluma to the river. Towns don’t just spring up anywhere. All the good towns were informed and formed out of the lay of the land.”

“As it stands now, the trestle is a haven for rats.”

“A walking promenade would be a fantastic feature to enhance the beauty of our town. ”

“Cheapest thing would be to repair it. It’s one of the biggest eye sores in bucolic Petaluma. Not really our best tourist attraction.”

“Don’t demolish it. The trestle is part of Petaluma history. Repairing it as a pedestrian promenade is the most cost effective solution, and will preserve that important part of the culture of Petaluma.”

“First repair it so it’s walkable and bikeable, but keep the option open for a trolley line if/when grant funds become available.”

“I believe that Petaluma has more pressing problems than the train trestle. How about spending some time and money to fix our terrible pot hole streets.”