Poll shows little support for public safety tax


A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that they would not vote for a sales tax increase in Petaluma to pay for public safety and offset the city’s pension liability.

Here are some comments:

“The city needs to look elsewhere to fund the pension issue Shouldn’t be put on the backs of the taxpayers. I am a teacher in Petaluma. Should we ask for more tax money so that the schools pension issue is resolved? I think not. Teachers retire at 70 percent of their salary after 30 years service. Police and fire 90 percent at 55.”

“As a local Firefighter who knows the issues on this, it has absolutely no chance of getting on the ballot let alone enough yes votes. The public has no idea how much money this city spends on projects that shouldn’t be funded with taxpayer money in the first place.”

“It depends on the size of the increase. It would have to be small, be dedicated to the intended purpose and not replace the existing level of funding.”

“General taxes go all over the budget map and not to where the voters directed the city to spend it. Employees need to start to pay more of their retirement contribution. Post retirement benefits need to be paid forward each year with a stipulated amount from the budget.”

“I will definitely vote for a tax increase to pay our police and fire personnel more. I’m deeply appreciative for what they do to keep our community safe. I don’t think most people realize what difficult occupations these are and are so quick to blame them for their split second reactions to unimaginable situations.”

“Maybe, if it included a real plan to eliminate all the wasteful spending in this town.”

“The City needs to learn how to manage our money better. Whats wrong with these people? I wonder if they manage their personal finances as poorly as they do the city’s?”

“We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. ”