A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that teachers should not carry guns in schools.

Here are some comments:

“If they did you just know a gun would be either misplaced, lost, or worse, stolen and end up in the hands of a student, and who knows what then would happen.”

“I do not see how this would ever prevent mass shootings. Having guns at school in the hands of anyone who is not fully committed to protecting the public, i.e., a police officer, will only cause more gun-related injuries and deaths.”

“If a teacher has been trained in law enforcement or in the military, I think it is OK, but it should be a personal choice of the teacher.”

“If a teacher is willing to get the proper training, and has some background in firearm use, then it would be a very effective deterrent to school shooters. I know of several highly qualified veterans who are teachers, and I’d be happy to have them keep an accessible weapon locked in their classroom. People need to get get over their fear of something they don’t understand.”

“Teachers should not be armed. We are headed in the wrong direction. Reduce drastically the number of guns available and the result is reduced gun deaths in all areas. Study the statistics of every civilized country in the world and see the reality.”

“It’s a very sad day in our society when we have to ask these questions.”

“This is essentially a false flag proposal to distract from the true issue regarding easy access to guns by those who should not have them. A bad guy with a gun is a lot more dangerous than a bad guy without a gun.”

“Keep guns away from our schools. The last thing teachers need is yet another responsibility.”

“If they have the training why not. concealed carry, no ones knows and cannot be sure if they come to do harm that they will be met with force.”