A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that they would consider deleting their Facebook accounts or limiting their usage after the company was accused of mishandling user data.

Here are some comments:

“Every tech device is tracking your every move, every purchase, every posting. I didn’t like this Cambridge Analytica thing, but it is just one more example of how we have become data products for profit.”

“I never jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. The data they already have on everybody, member or not, is frightening.”

“If you go on the Internet, you cannot expect your data to be protected. Nobody knows how to do that. People have to weigh the benefits of Facebook (or any other online service) against the very high risk that their information can be compromised.”

“It’s ridiculous how so many people share all manner of details that can be easily harvested. It’s influenced elections and stifled facts by feeding the vanity of the self-important.”

“Ultimately, Facebook is just a waste of time. In the beginning, when it started as a platform to keep contact with your friends and family, it was a useful tool, but the moment it converted to a platform for businesses and trolls it became useless. I haven’t used it for some years now and am going to delete my account now, which I really can’t do, just deactivate it completely.”

“Zuckerberg is a multi billionaire getting his money off of us. Time for me to unfollow Facebook.”