A respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they would not support a $3 increase in Bay Area bridge tolls to pay for transportation projects, including widening Highway 101. Regional Measure 3 is on the June ballot.

Here are some comments:

“Absolutely not. I hope people read the measure and vote against it. This is not a transportation measure when more money goes to bicycle paths and walking trails than go into actually fixing and improving our roads. More taxes no relief.”

“I pay way too many taxes and I don’t trust the government to use the money wisely. Plus the gas tax and DMV registration fees have already been increased.”

“Bridge tolls are already too high. Those tolls should only be used for bridge related expenses, anyway. I’m so sick of government bureaucracies thinking my wallet is an open jar for them to take money out of whenever they want.”

“Until I see evidence that the dollars are not just waisted, I will not agree to any tax increases.”

“Please list all the taxes we currently pay then let’s have this discussion.”

“It’s only $3. But higher taxes are always being forced on us, for many different reasons, such as the new gas tax and vehicle registration. When you add them all together year after year, it is astounding. How about our seniors, who have no ability to increase their monthly income? How about those who are low income wage earners? Some people only think about their own situation when they are voting these things in.”