A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they did not like a proposed art project on Water Street by Brian Goggin featuring bath tubs on stilts.

Here are some comments:

“I don’t like the bathtubs in the air art, but if I did, it is not the right place for it. Water Street is a place for pedestrians, bicycles, etc. It was originally where the farmer’s market was supposed to happen, but the difficulty to walk on cobblestones impeded that use.”

“Although I have respect for Mr. Goggin’s art, I don’t feel that this particular piece is at all appealing or even thought provoking. It doesn’t work for this location at all. I would be very disturbed if it came to fruition.”

“I am saying yes to the process and therefore yes to the art that is proposed. People who vote no have a right to say no to the process not the individual piece. If they do not like the results of this approved process then they have a right to organize and bring the matter to the city council for possible revisions to the process.”

“It feels cluttered. I loved the artist’s electrical switch. But this is neither humorous nor aesthetic.”

“It’s unique and weird and interesting. I think Petaluma will benefit from this art piece.”

“I think it’s different and whimsical and will be a cool conversation piece for locals and visitors.”

“I think the proposed location is the wrong location for this project. I like the project okay, and think it could be interesting in a more open space, but not downtown Petaluma.”

“It is dangerous and distracting and will take away from the quaint area.”

“It isn’t representative of Petaluma and I think it would be a safety issue given the high winds that Petaluma is well known for. I’m sure there are more artists with artwork more appropriate for the place”

“I totally and completely support this project and public art in Petaluma.”