Respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll were split on a proposed Safeway gas station at McDowell Boulevard and Maria Drive, with a slight majority opposed to the project.

Here are some comments:

“For too long we’ve suffered gas prices that are way to high compared to towns right next door simply because there’s no discount option here in town. Safeway would bring us that and force the other stations to follow suit - they’ve enjoyed a cartel like monopoly for years.”

“A gas station at that location is unnecessary and will cause further traffic congestion in an already crowded area.”

“Anything to lower Petaluma gas prices would be helpful. Gas can be purchased for much less now in other parts of the bay area.”

“A Safeway gas station would give a money saving alternative in Petaluma, but this is way too close to an elementary school for safety and comfort. Safeway needs to consider the children and choose an alternative location.”

“California is leading the way with electric cars, why do we need such a massive gas station? It will only be abandoned in a few years when electric cars are a norm.”

“I believe one of the greatest problems this city faces is traffic congestion. If we add this very large gas station to the east side of town we will only create more congestion on Washington and McDowell Blvds. Let’s solve the congestion problem before we add to it.”

“I live across the street from the proposed site. I know first hand the potential health issues that are associated with passing this. I strongly oppose.”

“It would be cheaper than most other gas stations. That is important to hardworking middle class commuters and those who rely on their cars for jobs.”

“I am in favor of an Arco or Rotten Robbie’s to encourage existing stations to lower their prices. It’s ridiculous that we live so close to the refineries yet the cost of gas is higher in Petaluma than the rest of Sonoma County, or even in places way more remote.”

“Seriously, by a school and daycare? Come on.”