A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they think plastic straws should be banned.

Here are some comments:

“Let’s address how the garbage is getting into the ocean in the first place. Start with cleaning our creeks and streams.”

“I drink my coffee through a straw to prevent my teeth from yellowing.”

“Paper straws work just fine.”

“I wasn’t against plastic straws at all, until seeing the damage they do first hand. Its heart braking what a simple plastic straw can do to a animal.”

“We need to ban the people who don’t act responsibly when discarding their plastic straws. Probably the same people responsible for the ban on plastic bags.”

“The question ought to be the whether all single use products should be required to be easily recycled or compostable so nothing enters the waste stream that won’t go away easily or naturally.”

“There is no justifiable reason to use plastic straws. Paper or metal work just as well. Metal straws can be made with any bend or length desired. In any event, there is no reason that so many drinks have to be consumed through a straw. If non-bedridden people would try drinking without a straw, I think they will find that works very well.”

“We have become a nanny state.”

“Old fashioned paper straws used to work well for most things.”

“There was a time when there were no plastic straws, only paper. We should go back to paper cups too.”