A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said Democrats should not try to impeach President Trump if they win control of Congress in November.

Here are some comments:

“Get over it. The people voted, he won. Not happy? Then the people should vote him out next election.”

“Regardless of what party controls Congress after November, impeachment should be pursued if the facts meet the impeachment standards in the constitution. Impeachment shouldn’t be a political strategy, it should be a vigorous defense of our system of government.”

“No, because there is no evidence of collusion with Russia. Trump has not committed any crimes to be impeached for. The democrats, seem to be looking for anything to get rid of Trump, but he is our president, like it or not.”

“There have been no impeachable offenses. Just because you don’t like someone, is not a reason. The Democrats appear to be off the rails on this and it would be a bad idea for the country with no basis with which to do it.”

“Stop waisting time on this dead subject. Time to reconnect, stop the division and remember we the people are the United States of America.”

“Not unless more credible facts are discovered. It will hurt them in 2020 as it back fired on the GOP in 1998.”

“If it can be proven that Trump is guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and there is assurance that the Senate will agree, then it makes sense. Otherwise it’s a waste of taxpayer money and Congress’ time.”

“Unless he has committed a crime while in office, he should not be impeached nor convicted and removed.” from office.”

“Its not worth the effort.”