Tomales High School baseball coach Tyler Reynolds has many options this spring. What he doesn’t have is many players.

Tomales has only 11 players on its varsity roster. However, there are many ways the coach can mix and match those players depending on who draws the mound assignment.

“our main flocus is who is going to pitch,” the coach said.

As the season begins, Reynolds is looking at Nick Wright, Alex Chavarria, David Gomez, Felipe Martinez and Tony Romo as his mound corps.

“We don’t have a main starter,” the coach said. “We’re trying to establish two main starters and let them go as long as they are effective. After that, we will bring in our relievers.”

Two of the pitchers are also catchers, and Wright and Martinez will work behind the plate depending on who pitches, with Chavarria also thrown into the catching mix.

The starting infield looks solid, anchored by junior shortstop Romo. He batted .436 last season and only made three errors all spring as a sophomore.

“He plays the same way at practice or in the games — all out,” Reynolds said.

Brady Woodward is at first base, with sophomore Danny McDonald and Chavarria at second. When he isn’t pitching or catching, Martinez will be at third.

The Tomales outfield had to be remade as the season approached when the Braves’ projected center fielder and lead-off hitter decided to skip baseball to concentrate on his studies.

Fortunately, Carson Skavdal, a senior with a good glove, was able to move from left field to center. Gomez will be in right. Left field could belong to the taker, although sophomore Travis Francheschi seems to be the likely starter.

Sophomore Parker Costanzo will also help.

Reynolds is confident the Braves will hit.

“Our batting order is pretty sold. From one through six we hit pretty well, and the rest of the team is getting better every practice,” the coach said.

In fact, the Braves are getting better overall with each practice, working not only with Reynolds, but with his co-coach Tyler Walkers, along with former Brave standout players Jake Fernandez and Ty Evenich.