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After her election victory, Teresa Barrett is pivoting to tackling the city’s problems. First up, solving the housing crisis.
The U.S. Geological Survey reported a 3.7 magnitude quake at 3:22 p.m.
Councilwoman Teresa Barrett will be the next mayor of Petaluma. Dave King, Kevin McDonnell and D’Lynda Fischer led the council race.
Phaedra Achor, founder of Monarch Bitters, is gaining national attention for her farm-to-table bitters.
Teresa Barrett wons the mayor’s seat in a decisive victory over opponent Mike Harris. The election focused on Petaluma’s future development.
Challengers Cloud, Paun scored an election rebuke, while incumbent Chlebowski was holding onto her seat.
A coalition of big oil companies has spent thousands to influence the Petaluma mayoral race.
St. Joseph to stay on at Petaluma Valley as it forms a new company.
The developer plans to move forward with 112 housing units while litigation advances that could derail Petaluma’s second station.
Officials plan to use the space for a much needed east Petaluma nonprofit service center where those in need can come to get counseling, job training, even a hot meal and a shower.
Shoreline school district west of Petaluma, where the “sea air is unforgiving,” is seeking revenue to repair aging buildings.
The kidnapping and murder that rocked Petaluma 25 years ago spurred two foundations to help protect children.
From housing to emergency preparedness, the city is forever altered by the disaster one year ago.
Three candidates are seeking two seats on the board that controls Petaluma Valley Hospital.
After a narrow defeat in Petaluma’s 2014 election, the ex-councilman is seeking more advancement on key infrastructure projects.
The political newcomer is campaigning for a freeze on development and emphasizing road repairs.
The three-term councilwoman is advocating for better enforcement of Petaluma’s river and bike plans, even if it results in slower growth.
The Petaluma City Council renewed regulations on short term vacation rentals after a report found the policy was working.
The Congressman, in a Petaluma town hall, predicted a Democratic takeover of Congress this November.
Upgrades are planned at five east Petaluma schools if the $38.5M measure passes.
The city’s second largest school district, Old Adobe represents 1,900 students across five east Petaluma schools.
A new bridge is coming along at the Sonoma-Marin county line. But a ballot measure and a lawsuit threaten funding for projects to address key bottlenecks.
3 incumbents face 4 challengers in the race for the city’s largest school district.
Petaluma tourism officials draw on the city’s rich history to attract new visitors.
The incumbent Congressman faces Republican Dale Mensing on the November ballot.

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