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Cafe Puente brings together native Spanish speakers and learners, providing a conversational setting that allows the culture to be celebrated.
Drew Loganbill was appointed to lead the local USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service office.
Jocelyn Cronin of Petaluma takes propane tanks to donate to Camp fire victims in Paradise.
Jasper, a border terrier, took best in breed at the nation’s top dog show.
A former principal of Petaluma High School, Lynch won a seat on the Petaluma school board in 2016.
A pilot program will test a bikeshare system centered around SMART stations, including the one in downtown Petaluma.
The Backroad Challenge, which takes in the scenic hills west of Petaluma, raises money for charitable causes.
The U.S. Geological Survey reported a 3.7 magnitude quake at 3:22 p.m.
Councilwoman Teresa Barrett will be the next mayor of Petaluma. Dave King, Kevin McDonnell and D’Lynda Fischer led the council race.
Caitlin Quinn, who was trailing Sheri Chlebowski by 374 votes on election day, won a seat with two other newcomers. At 25, she will become the youngest member of the board.
California’s relevance and the large Democratic field could mean several presidential hopefuls making stops here.
In the wake of inaction nationally, advocates are convening at the grassroots level to begin what they see as an urgent process of reversing global climate change by reducing carbon emissions.
The potential $12.6 million in funding would link Petaluma and Penngrove along the rail corridor.
The first projects, which officials say are about seven years away, will be aimed at reducing traffic along the congested corridor.
As Petaluma housing costs increase, many drive, even fly, 100 miles or more to work.
Petalumans woke up Tuesday morning to a rare spectacle — white snow dusted the normally green bucolic hills surrounding the city.
Detective Patrick Gerke, the top Petaluma officer, did a mountain of work in 2018.
The Voices for Down Syndrome Gala, which usually sells out, will be March 23 at the Petaluma Elks Lodge.
The first ever Women’s March held in Petaluma touched on themes of gender equality and rights for LGBTQ people and minorities.
Parks are not maintained, local federal workers aren’t paid, and food programs will soon run out of money.
The Coles, like many Coast Guard families in Petaluma, are stretched thin with no paycheck during the federal government shutdown.
The health center used a grant to buy a mobile dental clinic.
The next phase of the upper Petaluma River flood control is approved.
An analytics company run out of a Petaluma garage aims to solve tough world problems.
David Glass, who shaped Petaluma for two decades, ends his political career.

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