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Parks are not maintained, local federal workers aren’t paid, and food programs will soon run out of money.
The Coles, like many Coast Guard families in Petaluma, are stretched thin with no paycheck during the federal government shutdown.
The U.S. Geological Survey reported a 3.7 magnitude quake at 3:22 p.m.
Councilwoman Teresa Barrett will be the next mayor of Petaluma. Dave King, Kevin McDonnell and D’Lynda Fischer led the council race.
Caitlin Quinn, who was trailing Sheri Chlebowski by 374 votes on election day, won a seat with two other newcomers. At 25, she will become the youngest member of the board.
The health center used a grant to buy a mobile dental clinic.
The next phase of the upper Petaluma River flood control is approved.
An analytics company run out of a Petaluma garage aims to solve tough world problems.
David Glass, who shaped Petaluma for two decades, ends his political career.
Big projects made headlines in 2018, while bathtubs became an unlikely divider.
A mountain lion stalked the livestock of Penngrove while rats munched on popcorn at the Petaluma movie theater and a bird strike caused a power outage. And those are just the animal-related stories.
Petaluma elected officials are exploring options to deal with a threadbare budget.
A local branding agency helped a local food maker that works with local farmers.
The incoming board has the least amount of experience that it could have.
Chase Olivieri visited 100 countries by his 30th birthday. He now wants to help others travel on the cheap.
Community leaders spent a cold night on the streets to raise money and awareness for homeless youth.
The Petaluma Health Care District and a St. Joseph affiliate signed a letter of intent laying out a 30-year hospital lease.
Joshua Torres traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border to witness migrants arriving to seek asylum.
Nurses at Petaluma Valley Hospital have launched a public campaign as contract negotiations with St. Joseph Health hit a snag.
The city added its affordable housing requirements to the General Plan, with hopes of encouraging building more units.
Petaluma’s retiring city manager plans to stay in the community he helped shape.
With more fire victims in need, local nonprofits see an endless cycle of appeals, donation drives.
The defeat of Prop. 6 means the Highway 101 widening project in Petaluma is fully funded and on track to start next year.
After her election victory, Teresa Barrett is pivoting to tackling the city’s problems. First up, solving the housing crisis.
Phaedra Achor, founder of Monarch Bitters, is gaining national attention for her farm-to-table bitters.

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