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Seeds of Awareness brings mindfulness to Petaluma schools.
5 hours ago
Petaluma group helps women thousands of miles away
NASCAR weekend rolls into Sonoma Raceway
McDonnell joins Petaluma City Council race
EBT cards will be unavailable for 24 hours this weekend
PG&E warns of at least $2.5 billion in liabilities from North Bay fires
A look back at the Sonoma-Marin Fair

Rats pestering east Petaluma gardeners

Emboldened rodents have been swiping veggies from local green thumbs.

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June means it’s time for the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair. Take a peek at some previous winners of the popular contest.
Filmmaker Ali Afshar brings his latest Hollywood production to a familiar set, his childhood home.
June is the time of year in Sonoma County that baby foxes begin to peek out from their dens. Here’s what to know about these adorable animals.
The cuisine can best be described as being inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean, but with bold and clean flavors of Sonoma County.
The owner of the closed Petaluma golf course wants to develop the land, while homeowners plan their own takeover.
Petaluma-area highways, including Highway 101 and Highway 37, got a boost from last week’s ballot measure approval.
Local couple share many creative pursuits
Skip Sommer takes us back to the 1800s, and the nearby town of Donahue Landing

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Petaluma Little League All-Stars
Petaluma LL All-Stars mostly road warriors
Whitman wins all-Petaluma showdown
Glen Ghilotti, Petaluma construction company founder, dies at 59
Doc a friend, sports fan
Don Ramatici, consummate Petaluman, dies
JoAnn Ritko Pozzi, groundbreaking Petaluma business woman, dies at 75
Clarifying Marin Humane policies
Fix needed for ‘Blood Alley’
It’s spring and Tolay is not open
Keep focus on Rainier connector
Wilson principal Hoppes: It’s time to graduate
Petaluma schoos receive grant to combat youth tobacco use
New PTO provides special help for special students
Kenilworth names new assistant principal
Poll: Davidon deal doesn’t protect enough space
Poll: Most not fully prepared for next disaster
Poll respondents want Rainier connector built
Poll: Food, drink space best for former Seed Bank
Petaluma nonprofit counsels youth
Petaluma group helps women thousands of miles away
McDonnell joins Petaluma City Council race
NASCAR weekend rolls into Sonoma Raceway
Petaluma Around the Clock: Sunrise at the Mary Isaak Center
Leeks, celery root, Asian pears
Markets bustle in the fall
Sax’s Joint in Petaluma a modern classic diner
The music of summer (and other stuff)
Petaluma’s Event Manager to the ‘Stars’
Your Weekend: June 7-June 10
Your Weekend: May 31-June 3