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PETALUMA’S PAST: 100 years ago, Petaluma, and the world, got ready for war
THE BUZZ: Peter Coyote, Rebecca Solnit, and signs of “kindness”
HELPING OUT: Trotting like a turkey for food bank, making bowls to fight hunger, relief for fire victims
CENTERPIECE: New Show at Alchemia Gallery Features Wearable Art
Petaluma guide to holiday events and celebrations
STEPPING OUT: Petaluma’s Battle of words
Your Weekend: November 16-November 19
OUT AND ABOUT IN PETALUMA: A sit-in, a pot-luck and an evening of poetry and music
CINEMA TOAST: ‘Columbus,’ ‘Daddy’s Home 2,’ and ‘Murder on the Orient Express.’

PROFILE: A pair of fire-fighting neighbors to the South

Nick Brown of Deer Springs and Kevin Lwson of Temecula helped fight North Bay fires

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Sax’s Joint in Petaluma a modern classic diner
Upscale comfort food at Palms
At Petaluma’s China Town, good food and value
Support for fire-ravaged farmers
THEATER: Actor Williams and troupe to improvise full musical, complete with songs and choreography
YOUR WEEKEND: September 28-October 1
Poetry on Parade in Petaluma
Petaluma’s Poets come home from the Highway