Sonoma County residents beware — you could be the target of a new jury scam.

A caller claiming to be from the jury commissioner or Sheriff’s Office is misinforming people that they missed jury duty and could be arrested, the District Attorney’s Office said Thursday.

The caller instructs victims to go to a local store, purchase a prepaid credit card for several hundred dollars and, presumably, send money to avoid arrest.

But officials said it’s all a scam. No police officer or court employee will ever call to demand money, prosecutors said.

Those who get such a call are warned to hang up. Never provide prepaid debit card numbers over the phone to strangers, prosecutors said.

People who receive a jury summons and do not appear will get a letter from the jury office with another summons to report for jury duty. Only a judge can issue a fine after someone fails to appear.

Anyone who would like to verify correspondence or communication can call the jury services office at 521-6640.

You can reach Staff Writer Paul Payne at 568-5312 or On Twitter @ppayne.