Respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll overwhelmingly said they were against proposed water and sewer rate increases. Petaluma officials say the increases are needed to pay for infrastructure maintenance and sewer plant upgrades.

Here are some comments:

“Enough is enough. We need a rollback, not an increase.”

“I can accept that the cost of water in California has gone up and a rate increase might be justified, however I do not accept the fact that an increase is needed due to the replacement and maintenance of the utility infrastructure itself. This is a predictable forecast cost of any water department that should have been part of its on-going annual expense budget many years ago.”

“I support the increase provided the increased costs will go directly to these infrastructure needs and not to anything else.”

“Now that the drought is over, people will be using more water. There is no need to raise rates.”

“Once again the citizens of Petaluma are being gouged by the city. The city raised our water and sewer rates to build the new treatment plant as a result of their lack of planning and setting money aside for the plant over the years. Every time we turn around, we’re being hit with more taxes, fees and rate hikes.”

“They are high enough already. People are having tough times paying their water and PG&E bills.”

“This business model of selling water to pay for the infrastructure doesn’t work when conservation is required. Could a fixed tax to cover the infrastructure and the elimination of water rates work instead?”

“Using less and paying more is the California way. The taxes and fees in California are overwhelming.”

“We conserved water like good citizens and now we pay for our efforts.”