Respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll overwhelmingly said Petaluma should not pursue a revenue increase through a tax. City officials are considering asking voters to raise sales taxes and hotel taxes.

Here are some comments:

“Cut expenses and apply tax revenues in the roads and not more money in the waste water plant.”

“How about a city budget decrease which gets a handle on salary and pension issues?”

“No more taxes, we already pay enough. The city council does not spend the money they get in ways beneficial to residents.”

“This new tax has absolutely zero chance of passing. Especially after Governor Brown forced a new gas tax down our throats. Has the city not heard the public’s outcry on the cost of living in this community?”

“Sales tax spreads the pain over everyone, citizens and visitors. A property tax affects only property owners, which isn’t fair.”

“Stop taxing us. If you need more revenue, draw more tourists here and make the revenue you want at scale. We should have had Mike Harris for mayor.”

“Petaluma should not pursue a revenue increase. Jerry Brown and the Democrats in Sacramento are increasing the gasoline sales by 12-cents a gallon, and imposing big increases in the motor vehicle registration fees. California taxpayers are already among the highest-taxed in the country.”

“Learn to budget and spend what you have, not more. We all have to.”

“How about by focusing on the infrastructure and living within our needs?”