A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that they would not vote to increase the hotel tax in Petaluma by 2 percent.

Here are some comments:

“At some point the additional taxes and fees exceed the actual cost of the room. When will enough be enough and what do our visitors get for the added expense?”

“I would say yes, revenue has to come from somewhere. Homeowners are being taxed heavily and are tired of rising taxes and roads that never get repaired.”

“No new taxes of any kind until they live within their means, fix the roads as first priority, stop squandering money, and fix their pension mess.”

“The general fund is for all matters of the city. Why should certain real estate or hotels pay more than their fair share for the services? The city has been over promising and spending for many years. Petaluma needs to get its finances in order. The tax measures have failed because we don’t trust the city with our money. Petaluma needs to ask us which services to cut not what taxes to raise.”

“This city gets more than enough money from the taxpayer. It needs competent fiscal management and leadership from the city council. With Glass at the helm fat chance on that happening.”

“Until an independent audit is conducted on the city, with results being released to the public, I won’t vote for a tax increase on anything.”

“Pretty soon people will stop coming to Petaluma because the hotel taxes will be more than the room rate. I hope this doesn’t move forward.”

“Petaluma is an attractive destination and no traveler is going to say we’re not going to Petaluma because their hotel tax is too high. I’ve traveled for 40 years and not once did I even look at the hotel tax of the place I was visiting.”

“No more taxes. Enough is enough.”

“Show an audit of city budget first.”

“ I don’t think a 2 percent increase in hotel tax will drive away tourists. And the city would get additional revenue, so it is good for residents, good for voters.”