A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that they are not excited for SMART commuter train service that launched on Aug. 25.

Here are some comments:

“A complete and utter waste of taxpayer money that will not help traffic or commuters, rather it will hinder free movement around town and within a few years require more tax money just to keep it afloat for the few that can actually use it. If we’re to have a train, let’s do it properly not reinvent the 19th century.”

“After the first few weeks of everyone trying it out it’ll be a ridership disaster. For 95 percent of Sonoma and Marin residents, the service makes no sense as a commuter train. The occasional rider who wants to take the train to San Rafael for lunch isn’t going to help bail this train out of the financial mess it’ll be in.”

“I’m excited about everything but the train horn, which sounds like a tubercular donkey.”

“I’m more excited to see what transit-oriented high-density housing looks like. Will there be one parking spot for every three units? Yes, it should be very exciting.”

“I already bought my annual pass and am looking forward to riding to my job.”

“I am not excited about all the increased traffic at the D Street crossing. Nor am I excited about the train horns waking me up every morning. I will not be riding the train. To me, it is a monumental waste of money.”

“Yes I will be on it. Who wants to sit in traffic or deal with people on the road who have no business having a driver’s license?”

“The promise of SMART had so much potential. The idea of connecting Sonoma County to the Bay Area by public transit was enticing and undoubtedly why taxpayers voted for it. Now we finally have a train with high fares, untimely schedules and one that drops us at a bus stop in Marin. No, I am not excited but instead sad that so much time and money was wasted on this fiasco.”

“Yes, but I’ll be even more excited when the service extends to the Larkspur ferry.”