fire calls

The Petaluma Fire Department recorded 272 incidents during the period from Aug. 7-20:

Saturday, Aug. 12

11:36 a.m.: Firefighters made quick work of a blaze that sparked on one-fourth of an acre of mowed grass adjacent to 85 Ely Blvd. After knocking out the slow-spreading flames, firefighters from Petaluma and Rancho Adobe Fire Protection District used hand tools to clean up.

4:53 p.m.: Firefighters from CalFire, Rancho Adobe Fire Protection District, Petaluma, Sonoma Valley Fire and Lakeville Volunteer Fire departments responded to a blaze in a detached garage at an 857 Cherry St. home. When engines arrived to the fire, heavy black smoke was pouring from the single-story structure. Personnel knocked down flames before the fire spread to two nearby houses. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. No injuries were reported.

Sunday, Aug. 20

5:48 p.m.: A woman soldering pipes in a 528 Ely Blvd. home accidentally sparked a fire on an adjacent bathroom wall. Though she was able to put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher, firefighters examined the area and cleared out after making sure there were no other hazards. The fire caused an estimated $1,000 in damage.