Police Monday arrested a Petaluma man on suspicion of breaking into a car and stealing items.

Jason Bryson, 47, was arrested after an altercation on Scott Street with the victim, who had pursued Bryson’s vehicle, according to Petaluma Police. Bryson threatened to kill the victim, police said.

The victim reported seeing Bryson break into their vehicle, according to police. After a confrontation, Bryson fled to a nearby vehicle, and the victim followed him.

A physical altercation ensued as the victim attempted to retrieve their belongings from the suspect’s vehicle. Bryson struck the victim and pushed them out of the vehicle, police said. The suspect fled from the scene and struck the victim with his vehicle, according to police.

Police said a cellphone recovered at the scene belonged to Bryson. Officers checked the area and located Bryson and his vehicle in the 1700 block of Rainer Ave. He was transported to Sonoma County Jail and booked into custody on suspicion of robbery, criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon.