Dave King, a Petaluma attorney and one-term city councilman, announced last week he is seeking reelection to the Petaluma City Council.

Known as an independent voice on the seven-member body, King, 61, is the first council candidate to declare for the November election, when three seats will be on the ballot. Councilwoman Teresa Barrett announced she will forgo reelection and instead run in the separate race for mayor, where she will face former Councilman Mike Harris.

King said his priorities for a potential second term would be road repairs, finding a longterm solution to dredging the Petaluma River, creating more affordable housing, finding money for two crosstown connector streets and finishing the Petaluma Community Sports Fields project.

“I certainly have a lot more to do to continue on the council,” he said. “There’s always something.”

In his first four years on the council, King said he learned that government moves slower than he expected. He said he doesn’t consider his political views to be either progressive or moderate, but called himself an “independent.”

Born and raised on New York’s Long Island, King came west for law school. In 1992, he moved to Petaluma where he has an employment law practice. King and his wife, Lynn, have two daughters.