Eli Lucas is one of the most recognizable Petalumans, known for skating around the city, blasting music in his sometimes colorful, always risqué choice of outfits. He considers himself a professional attention-grabber and is hardly ever serious but always looking for fun. “I like to go out and do weird things,” he said before diving into the fountain at Putnam Plaza on Tuesday. He’s a drummer in the hard rock band Space Vacation but is more known locally for blaring his choice of dance hits like “Macho Man” and “Conga.” “There comes a time in every man’s life when he realizes he’s so hot and sexy that you can’t contain it. You have to get sweaty and let it shine,” he said of his antics. He’s had some bad wipe outs on his wheels, but says “I just look good and I feel better.” Petaluma clearly has an affinity for this lifelong resident, who gives “a billion” high fives a day. When he needed a new pair of skates, he set up an online fundraiser and garnered three times the amount he sought, giving him the cash to buy more of the cyclist bibs he’s keen on wearing. His final thoughts? “Behind all of it really, on a serious note, I would really like Petaluma to embrace the metric system. It is a superior standard of weights and measurements,” he said.

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