A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they are concerned about a standoff between the United States and a nuclear armed North Korea.

Here are some comments:

“America and her allies would destroy that regime. Feel bad for the people that live there.”

“China is using North Korea to keep the trade imbalance and currency manipulation in place. China will only change its tune if Japan and South Korea get nuclear weapons.”

“I’m concerned about a nuclear war more than a standoff, given unstable leaders of our country and North Korea.”

“Now we finally have a respectable president who supports our military. Not worried at all.”

“Of course. The guy is out of his mind, and will do anything. We can only pray that our country does the right thing to protect us.”

“The leader of North Korea and the US are both egomaniacs and are both capable to doing something stupid.”

“The situation should have been better addressed long ago but wasn’t. Now we see matters getting worse and have the least capable administration ever when it comes to common sense and diplomacy.”

“We are already in a standoff. What scares me most are the leaders of the two countries, both of which are very unstable characters.”

“We would destroy them.”

“Two mad men are heading us into World War II.”