A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they were fearful now that cannabis is legal in California.

Here are some comments:

“Everyone who wants to is smoking it already anyway. Now if users behave reasonably, there’s no fear of getting busted. The police have bigger fish to fry nowadays.”

“I am highly allergic to marijuana and I know that I am far from alone. Nothing is being done to protect those like me who get ill when exposed to it.”

“I am in fear of Jeff Sessions declaring war on marijuana. Federal law oversees state law. Lawyers get ready.”

“It’s about time California legalized marijuana. Now if only Petaluma was smart enough to open dispensaries, our city could make good tax revenues to help the city in other areas. I am a medical user and I have to drive to Cotati and my money is going to another community.”

“It’s poorly thought out, we’ll have to deal with the stench everywhere, people will drive intoxicated and no proper enforcement limits are in place. Kids will have easy access, violent robberies will increase where business is done, and the long term health effects are being held in denial. Sad times as we lose our quality of life for selfish people to get stoned.”

“It should never have been legalized. Those who voted for its legality have placed us in danger of more DUI drivers.”

“Legalization of recreational use won’t change anything. Anyone with an ache or pain could get a medical marijuana card before. Now no one will have to lie to a doctor to get cannabis.”

“Much better that it’s legal. For many it is medicine and works well.”

Personally, I’m for making most drugs legal. Having them be illegal just helps organized crime and fills the prisons, without addressing the inherent problems.”

“There will always be a demand. Seeing it fulfilled by licensed businesses paying taxes rather than cartels is a win for us all.”