A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they were satisfied with the leadership at Petaluma Animal Services Foundation. Current and former employees of the organization have complained of harassment by executive director Jeff Charter.

Here are some comments:

“Allegations against Jeff Charter need to be investigated and if found true he needs to be removed.”

“Before this shelter was turned into a nonprofit it was going down hill and Jeff Charter and many others have turned it around. I don’t know what Petaluma would do without it. No matter how much hate is being spread around, we should look at what Jeff has done and recognize that this shelter wouldn’t be where it is today without him.”

“Great leadership, they are always helping rescue animals.”

“I have always donated to this organization. Did it for the animals, not to line the pockets of Jeff Charter and his favored employees. Very disappointed in the way he deals with the employees who’ve been there for many years. They do an outstanding job and clearly love the animals.”

“I have been volunteering at the shelter for almost eight years. In my opinion it is the best shelter in California. My experience has been nothing but positive and a joy to go there three days a week to give my time to help the animals while they are spending time there. I hope this all gets resolved in a peaceful manner.”

“I have donated to this organization. Through observations I found it to be a wonderful facility run by professional and compassionate people.”

“I have seen nothing but positive things happen for animals at the shelter.” That usually means that the leadership is good.”

“I think they are doing an outstanding job.”